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If you feel your organisation would benefit from installing the Varmatic LightMaster, please CONTACT US to arrange a suitable time and date for our local Area Sales Engineer to conduct a FREE OF CHARGE survey of your existing lighting system.

From the information obtained on this visit, our engineer can prepare a personalised quotation, which would provide the required size of Varmatic LightMaster, the price and estimated payback period of the device, and the amount of CARBON EMISSIONS it will save upon installation.

If a personal visit is not convenient for you, please provide the following information to enable our engineers to calculate a specific quotation for you:

  • No. and type of lights
  • How often are they in use (24/7/52)?
  • Do you have a separate lighting distribution board?
  • Price per kWh (incl. CCL).




For some companies, lighting can account for UP TO 40% of the total electricity bill. If your company is in this category, then the Varmatic LightMaster could be for you.

The VARMATIC LIGHTMASTER was first introduced in 2001 to reduce carbon emissions and counteract the financial effects of the Climate Change Levy. Since then, it has been installed in hundreds of facilities throughout the UK and USA.

This equipment suits single and three phase supply, and is manufactured in standard sizes 5-150KVA. If your request is outwith this remit, please speak to our Technical Department for further details.

The Varmatic LightMaster is fitted directly onto the lighting distribution board hence making savings only on the lighting used. The product can be used with various types of luminares including Fluorescent, Ballast or High-Bay - and no alterations are required on your existing lighting system. Savings range from 20-30% on average.


The Varmatic LightMaster NOVA was introduced during 2008, as an upgrade from the original model. We pride ourselves on producing innovative products, and by utilizing the skills and expertise of our research and development team, we produced a product which:

  • Creates "seamless" switching
  • Increases control of the system, hence improving on savings and efficiency
  • Provide better safeguards

Whether the LightMaster NOVA unit is switching from Supersave position to Standard (Bypass) or vice versa, there is no interruption in the supply to the loads (lights). This is a result of having SDC’s designed switching system installed within the unit*.

(*Please note that there is a delay timer as part of the circuit.)

The real purpose of this switchable system is twofold:

  1. It provides a method for the lights to "heat up" when first energised in the day. Then, when this has been achieved, it seamlessly switches over to the Supersave mode.
  2. If the voltage across the lights is deemed to be too low (due to input variations and dips), a safety feature is included which restores the lights automatically back to the Standard (Bypass) level. When the Voltage has "stabilised" again, then the transformation back to a Supersave mode automatically occurs, after a measured time.

The above system allows us to accurately measure the load voltage and to ensure maximum savings are achieved at the same time, ensuring good quality light output is met. This system optimises the savings achievable and the efficiency remains high.

As well as the above mentioned voltage safeguard, we also employ a current detection safeguard. This works on the principle that the Supersave mode will only be activated if a sufficient amount of lights are switched on (hence an increase in load). This is the daily automatic activation and ensures that the lights are "heated up" at every switch on before transferring to Supersave mode.


Download the following leaflets for further details:

Lightmaster Leaflet

Lightmaster Technical Specification Leaflet

Lightmaster Principles Leaflet


Over the years, SDC Industries has installed this device in hundreds of facilities. To provide a background on the savings made, please find below a selection of scenarios where the Varmatic LightMaster has reduced electricity costs by up to 30%.

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