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SDC Industries can provide a wide range of high voltage transformers and switchgear (11KV fused oil switches, oil circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers and ring main units).


hv transformer

Our standard distribution transformers come in various sizes, as standard, including 11KV/433V, 6.6KV/433V or 3.3KV/433V. Other specifications can be purchased to order, depending on your requirements. Transformers can be oil filled, cast resin or air cooled - the choice is yours.

Each transformer is manufactured to ESI Standard 35-1, BS171, IEC76 for the ultimate in safety.

(further details on attached leaflet)


hv switchgear

We can provide 11KV fused oil switches, Ring Main Units, oil fused units and circuit breakers either ex-stock or to order. Our switchgear equipment is manufactured to Standards BS293, BS5463 and ESI 41-2.

(further details on attached leaflet)


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