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The SDC INDUSTRIES solution for active filtering of harmonics for commercial, residential and light industrial loads for installations with or without neutral.

- Compact wall mounted design

- 3 and 4 wire functionality

- PQF-Manager

   - Versatile user interface

- Digital Control (DSP)

   - Programmable filtering characteristics

   - Perfect multi-tuning to selected harmonics (including zero sequence)

   - Not overloadable

   - Programmable power factor correction

   - Load balancing feature

      - Phase to phase

      - Phase to neutral

   - Zero reactive power filtering capability

   - Programmable task priorities

- Power Electronics

   - PWM converter with DC capacitors

   - IGBT technology

- Bottom cable entry


eaf dimension

The EAF is suitable for connection to electrical networks with and without neutral. Its wall-mounted, compact design allows it to be installed at any location where only limited space is available. The EAF is offered in IP30 execution.The dimensions of a single EAF unit are 585 x 310 x 700mm (W x D x H).

The EAF is modular in design and consists of one master and up to three slave units. On-site extensions are easily made by adding the slave units side by side in parallel to the master unit. EAF units are available in the current ratings 30A, 45A and 60A. Intermixing of units of unequal rating is not allowed.

The EAF is suitable for direct connection to network voltages in the range 208V-240V and 380V-415V. It is suitable for operation on 50Hz and 60Hz networks.


  • Offices and Buildings
  • UPS Systems
  • Residential Buildings
  • Computer Centres
  • Light Industrial Loads.

Typical result of EAF Application

eaf application

Note: the EAF also filters harmonics between lines apart from the neutral conductor when connected.


Active Filter for three-phase three-wire and four-wire systems for filtering of harmonics, including zero- sequence current in the neutral, reactive power compensation and full load balancing.

eaf specification

Connection Diagram

eaf connection diagram


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