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The SDC INDUSTRIES solution for active filtering of harmonics for industrial loads of lower capacity

- PQF Manager

   - Versatile user interface

- Digital Control (DSP)

   - Programmable filtering characteristics

   - Perfect multi-tuning to selected harmonics

   - Not overloadable

   - Programmable power factor correction

   - Load balancing feature

   - Zero reactive power filtering capability

   - Programmable task priorities

- Power Electronics

   - PWM converter with DC capacitors

   - IGBT technology

- Forced air cooling

- Top or bottom cable entry.


eaf3 dimensions

The EAF3 consists of one master and up to seven slave units mounted in cubicles, together with auxiliary apparatus and wiring to form a factory assembled and tested system. The standard EAF3 is offered in IP21 execution and plate execution (IP00).

The dimensions of a single EAF3 unit are 600 x 600 x 2150mm (W x D x H). The dimensions of the IP00 execution are 498 x 400 x 1697mm (W x D x H).

The EAF3 filter is modular in design. On- site extensions are easily made by adding slave units (maximum seven) in parallel to the master unit. In standard execution, each cubicle has its own power cable connection terminal. If desired, a common cable entry cubicle may be used (optional). The EAF3 is suitable for direct connection up to 690V and is offered in two voltage groups (from 208V to 480V and 480V to 690V). The 208V to 480V group includes units of different ratings. Intermixing of units of both equal and unequal rating is allowed in this voltage group (maximum one unit rating difference between the largest and the smallest unit rating in a filter system).


  • Water industry
  • Steel industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Cement industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Process Plants
  • Pulp and paper.

Typical result of EAF3 Filtering Application

eaf application


Active Filter for three-phase network, with or without neutral for filtering of non zero-sequence harmonics and reactive power compensation including load balancing.

eaf specification

*If the system voltage is higher than the 600V, the current rating of EAF3 units in this voltage range may be derated automatically, depending on load conditions for ambient temperatures higher than 30 Degrees C.

Connection Diagram

eaf connection diagram


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