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A comprehensive range of superlative quality power capacitors, designed specially for use in harmonic filters.

These automatically controlled capacitor banks are utilised in industry / commerce for reducing harmonic levels.

The assemblies are complete with 3 phase iron cored reactors specially developed for this application.

All assemblies are fitted with stage energised indication, and a multistage electronic microprocessor controller is usually fitted to 'sense' the system requirement for power factor correction capacitance.

Designed and tested to IEC 831.

passive harmonic filtration


Capacitors - IEC 831, IEC 70/70A

Isolators - IEC 408, BS5419.


400, 415, 440, 550 and 660V, single and 3 phase, 50Hz or 60Hz


0°C to 35°C


  • Self healing polypropylene dielectric capacitors
  • Two part electrical and mechanical protection for capacitor elements under fault conditions
  • Internal discharge resistors fitted on capacitors
  • Individual stage HRC fuse protection
  • Individual stage capacitor rated 3 pole contactor
  • Overall door interlocked on-load isolator
  • Heat resisting cable used throughout
  • Fast acting microprocessor, matching capacitance requirement to load conditions
  • Lockable front access hinged door, access only to authorised personnel
  • Forced air ventilation system.


  • Main circuit breaker can be fitted instead of isolator
  • Indicator lamps to show capacitor out of circuit
  • Remote indication facility
  • Integral system power factor indicator
  • Paint finish and cubicle size to individual customer specification


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