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HV Capacitor Banks

SDC Industries have been manufacturing high voltage capacitor banks for over 30 years. Each HV capacitor bank is manufactured at our facility in Scotland. Our customer base for this type of equipment consists mainly of large contractors and sub-contractors with clients in the UK and overseas.

hv capacitors capacitor bank

These units are designed and manufactured to each client’s specification, and are built with the following in mind:

  • Power Quality
  • Safety
  • Cost benefits
  • Weatherproof enclosure (various IP levels) for indoor or outdoor use and for use in hot, humid, sandy or cold climates
  • Installation in tight/awkward spaces
  • Ease of transportation to site.


If harmonics are present on the system, reactors can be included within your capacitor bank to improve an inefficient system.

Safety Locks

safety lock

For the ultimate in safety and security, each High Voltage Capacitor Bank is fitted as standard with safety locks to ensure no unauthorised person gains access to the bank. Provision has been made for the fitting of a multi-clasp and padlocks, to lock-off the key’s protective cap whilst the operating key is out. This feature enables multiple users to lock-off the supply, even though there may be only one key available, ensuring that all users have to return to the isolation point to release the clasp, prior to re-energisation of the power source via the key.


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