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Varcap & Varmatic HV

varmatic hv

Varcap & Varmatic HV: A comprehensive range of low loss, environmentally friendly power capacitors, voltage range 660V - 33KV.

The capacitors can be supplied as loose units or finished assemblies.

The individual capacitors can be utilised to replace existing capacitors. The complete assemblies can be supplied as fixed or automatic banks which incorporate Vacuum/SF6 contactors.

A design service is available for individual customer requirements / harmonic filter banks.

varcap hv

The Varmatic HV assembly offers the latest technology in the supply of automatic capacitive reactive power combining very high quality components with state of the art engineering expertise.


Varcap HV

All film dielectric, no PCB presence.

Losses less than 0.2W/KVAr.

Ratings 25KVAr - 400KVAr, single and 3 phase.

Stainless steel welded container.

Porcelain bushings.

Varmatic HV

Designed to specific site requirement.

Individual automatic stage sizes 50KVAr - 1000KVAr.

Assemblies in free standing sheet steel enclosure complete

with all control power supplies, HRC fuse protection, etc.

Harmonic Filters

Designed to specific site requirement.

Reactors can be iron/air cored or oil immersed.

On site commissioning.

Associated HV Switchgear

It is usual to supply the Varmatic range from an oil/SF6 fused

switch or circuit breaker, off the existing HV network.

We can check the suitability of existing switchgear, modify, overhaul and test.


  • Remote indication of status of capacitor bank
  • Ammeter/voltmeter, etc.
  • Indicator lamps to show stage energised
  • Out of balance protection
  • Design and commission service for ancillaries, e.g. supply circuit breaker, protection relays, etc.


Capacitors - IEC 871 BS1650.


660V, 1100V, 2400V, 3300V, 6kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 20kV, 33kV.


-40°C to +50°C

variances to above for Varmatic assemblies


Varcap HV

  • Internal fuse
  • Stainless steel welded case
  • Discharge resistors.

Varmatic HV

  • External HRC fuses
  • Individual stage capacitor rated Vacuum/SF6 contactor
  • Isolated low voltage control cubicle
  • Inrush reactors
  • Filter reactors (where fitted)
  • Welded steel enclosure with lockable access
  • Microprocessor matching capacitance requirements to load conditions
  • Inbuilt timers to allow correct discharge cycle
  • Control voltage transformer inbuilt
  • Copper busbars.


Detailed recommendations after ‘on site’ surveys.

After sales back-up and service.

PCB collection and legal disposal.


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