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Our specialist engineers at SDC Industries Ltd will be happy to survey any premises nationwide free of charge, before providing a detailed quote for high voltage projects.

SDC Industries Ltd offer a customised service and tailor their range of products and services to the specific needs of the customer. If we can assist with your HIGH VOLTAGE PROJECTS, please contact our Technical Sales department on 01355 265959.



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SDC Industries offers a complete cost-effective service to users of HIGH VOLTAGE power systems and distribution networks for a range of industries including:

  • Quarries
  • Sub-contractor Sites (Middle East, Africa, etc)
  • Oil/Petrochemical Sites
  • Sawmills
  • Construction/Manufacturing.

SDC Industries’ highly-skilled engineers can manage your HV project from conception to completion, and have the capability to undertake any project involving HV distribution equipment up to 132kV.

SDC Industries have the expertise to perform the following:

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  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete HV distribution systems
  • Laying and jointing of HV cable
  • Supply, installation and repair of HV switchgear, including transformers, reactors and capacitor banks
  • Refurbishment of HV networks
  • Upgrading of existing HV networks
  • Fault-finding along cable track
  • Testing of system protection.



Extension to existing 11Kv network, including supply and installation of 500m of 11Kv cable, new HV switchgear, new 415V distribution board and power factor correction equipment. Commissioning was carried out at site and internal factory wiring was carried out by the client’s own in-house electricians.

Value: Approx £80K


Supply of HV cable, 1500KVA transformer and new large distribution board c/w essential and non-essential sides. The unit was integrated with standby generator, power factor correction equipment and surge suppression device. Commissioning was performed at site and internal factory wiring was carried out by client’s electrical contractor.

Value: Approx £110K


Supply and installation of HV/LV sections. The HV section comprised of Motor Control surge suppression device.

Value: Approx £65K

The examples above underline the typical capabilities of SDC Industries. Projects can be undertaken for both end-users and electrical contractors, if their field of competence does not extend to high voltage.

SDC Industries’ expertise can be integrated in such a manner that whilst SDC Industries’ staff are working on the high voltage part of the project, the client’s own electricians or electrical contractors can perform the general wiring.


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