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Power Systems Analysis

SDC Industries can provide Power System Analysis on any electrical distribution system, using a portable handheld power monitor. The power monitor has simultaneous eight channel capture to measure, record and analyse power quality, harmonics and energy for any single or three-phase circuits.

Power system analysis reportanalysis graph

The above parameters can be viewed using the following methods:

  • Scope mode showing real time viewing of voltage/current waveforms and phasor diagrams
  • Metering mode showing the selected parameters updated every second
  • View data mode in which the recorded data can be viewed easily to show where problems exist
  • Time plot mode which displays a graph of the selected parameter since recording began up to a maximum of 10 days.

The power monitor measures the following parameters:

Hand help monitor
  • true volts RMS and amps RMS
  • watts, volts amps and volt amps reactive
  • power factor
  • frequency (30-450Hz fundamental)
  • voltage unbalance
  • voltage total harmonic distortion
  • current total harmonic distortion
  • current crest factor
  • nth harmonic, voltage/current
  • K factor
  • demand, energy, sags and swells
  • individual harmonics to the 50Hz fundamental frequency
  • voltage/current transients.

Scope Mode & Time Plot Mode

Examples of Scope Mode & Time Plot Mode


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