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The SDC Industries VARMATIC RAPIDE (VR) is an industry-leading solution manufactured to improve power quality on oil and drilling rigs and in the mining industry. This innovative, all-in-one unit's internal components and software package provide software intelligence to counteract the effects of:

  • Power Factor
  • Harmonics
  • Voltage Sages
  • Voltage Swells
  • Voltage Flicker
  • Transients.

"Power Quality" is a term used to define any occurrence of voltage, current or frequency deviation on your low voltage power system that results in:

  • Equipment Failure
  • Process Interruptions
  • Power System Inefficiency.

Switching of reactive loads allows harmful transients, harmonics and other problems to make their way through the power system. By utilising the VR, these problems can be minimised or eliminated. In addition, the VR would be beneficial when reactive compensation is required to meet specific load demand.

The unit is capable of:

  • switching at intervals down to 20 milliseconds to counteract the effect of peak loads
  • removing all transients from switching
  • reducing drops in voltage and any resultant flicker
  • maintaining a long life-span, due to its robust nature.

The SDC Industries VR is capable of switching large amounts of reactive compensation in and out of circuit in times down to 20 milliseconds.

see the attached leaflet, VARMATIC RAPIDE, for further details.


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