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renewable energy

Compliance with the Grid Code is paramount when involved in the electrical distribution of windfarms. Reactive Compensation equipment plays a major part in achieving this.

We recognise the significance of green energy distribution. SDC Industries provide a range of 33KV Reactive Compensation banks (other voltages available on request), manufactured specifically for windfarms, to ensure complete integration on the grid, and to help decrease or prevent pressure on the grid. This type of equipment can also assist in regulating voltage, and reduce the effects of faults on the system.

To complete your project, we offer:

  • Consultancy (load survey, etc)
  • Technical Experience
  • Power Systems Analysis/System Modelling
  • 33KV reactive compensation equipment manufactured for indoor/outdoor use
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Filtration
  • Installation.
renewable energy

SDC Industries realise the importance of windfarm equipment in the energy distribution sector and our products remain at the forefront of innovative technology. The company are experts in their field, and have been providing reactive compensation products for a number of years to windfarm facilities throughout the UK and overseas.

We are able to assist clients on each project - from conception to completion - our engineering and manufacturing expertise is second to none. Each 33KV Reactive Compensation bank is manufactured to each client’s specification. We offer support and advice through every step of your project - please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

To complete the service, we offer a complete range of Power Factor Correction capacitors, if required, or harmonic filtration, to ensure complete compliance with the Grid Code.


Our electrical installations team are based in-house - each installer is fully trained and highly experienced in the power industry.


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